Pet Areas

Practical Places for Pets

When building a house, keep your furry friends in mind. They’re a part of the family after all, aren’t they? Kennels can be built-in just like shelving units and storage! Forget the bulky wire kennel that is taking up space in your bedroom or living room. Make use of living space that may not otherwise be used… like under the stairs, maybe? Doesn’t need to be for the kennel. Ever think about building in a dog bed nook, or a custom cabinet to hide away that pesky litter box for your cat? The possibilities are endless. Customize those homes with your pets in mind. We are here to help.

Pet space Ideas:

  • Built-in Kennel
  • Dog nook
  • Pet wash station
  • Feeding area in the kitchen
  • Play area

Innovative Ideas

We all know the struggles that trying to wash your dog in the bathtub bring. You may not have a removable shower head, or you just find yourself bending over and straining your back for the duration of the wash. Overall, not a fun time. Build a washing area in your mudroom! They can be bathed right when they walk into the house before they have a chance to make a mess in the house.

Still keep your pet in a cage while you’re not home, while company is over, or while you’re sleeping? Consider building the kennel into the wall. Makes the item far more visually appealing. For cats who like to have a “den” this could be the perfect addition. It’s good to utilize space that otherwise would go to waste, like under a stair case.